To Wrap Or Not To Wrap Your Hive For Winter

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns.

As beekeepers, we feel better wrapping our hives for winter because we insulate our homes, so why not make our hives toasty too.

Bees do not hibernate as some believe. Instead, the colony gathers together very tight and forms a ball within the hive to keep each other warm. This is known as the winter cluster. The queen may keep laying a smaller amount of eggs throughout the cold months of winter and this developing brood must be kept over 90 degrees (f). Areas further away from the cluster may be as cold as the outside temperature. Bees do not heat the inside of their hives like we heat our homes. They only stay warm by staying close as a cluster. They must continue to consume food, pollen and honey, to make heat.

They produce heat through their thoracic muscle located in their thorax. “Bees use two pairs of big fibrillar muscles, the dorsal longitudinal (DL) and the dorsoventral (DV) indirect flight muscles in various behaviours. The most important behaviours include warming of individuals in preparation for flight (Esch, 1960; Heinrich, 1980), flight itself (Esch etal. 1975; Esch 1976), communal hive heating (Himmer, 1932; Esch, 1960; Heinrich, 1987) and fanning during regulation of hive temperatures (Lindauer, 1954).” (Esch and Goller 1991:419).

In my newest video I answer the question if wrapping a hive is of any benefit.
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