Winter-Bee-Kinds Available NOW!

We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,
Our popular Winter-Bee-Kinds are available for purchase NOW!
Be sure and remember that they will not ship until mid to late November. And select the proper one, either 8 Frame or for 10 Frame Hive.
10 Frame Winter-Bee-Kind
8 Frame Winter-Bee-Kind
Winter Bee Kinds
Our very popular Winter-Bee-Kinds are on sale NOW. They will be shipped in the order in which the orders are placed so be ready this weekend to place your order. They will ship in November in cooler weather, usually near the end of November. They are a favorite among beekeepers across the country in helping honey bees make it through the winter.
Our Winter-Bee-Kinds provide the nourishment your bees need to remain warm and strong in the coldest of climates. They also provide insulation and ventilation to rid the colony of stale, moist air from the hive. In areas of very harsh winters, we recommend wrapping your colony and only use the exit/vent port on the winter-bee-kind located at the top of the colony. This helps prevents mice from entering through the lower entrance and allows your bees to take cleansing flights more easily on colder days.

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