ONLINE SINGLE COURSES 50% OFF!! Early Spring Feeding Tips


Hello BeekSquad! Today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! And sadly, it is FREEZING COLD. So typical for winter to hang on a bit into spring.

I have some good spring tips below and some exciting news I can’t wait to share with you. Also, below I have a new video helping to explain how to feed your bees during this crazy time of the year with rollercoaster temperatures.

First, the exciting news: All of our single online beekeeping courses are 50% off starting today, March 19 through March 25, 2024. But the best deal is $100 off our Ultimate Course which includes all of our courses PLUS a free one year subscription to bee culture magazine. This is a fantastic time to beef up your beekeeping education before the year gets into full swing.

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But there is more exciting news! I’ve started a new beekeeping podcast called, Mysteries of Honey Bees. You can listen to it on you favorite podcast app. You can even listen to it on your Amazon Alexa by saying, „Alexa, play Mysteries of Honey Bees podcast.” Or here’s a few links to my podcast:

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We have 3 lbs packages of bees with a mated queen and 5 frame Nucs for sale. Here’s the link:

I Enjoy Hosting Our Livestream Every Thursday Night At 7PM CST.

Join Us For 59 minutes of the most beekeeping fun you can tolerate. This week I’ll also be teaching on how to help your bees gather more spring honey. And we have some giveaways planned and I’ll enjoy answering your questions. Join the Beekeeping Livestream with HEART!! Don’t be lonely, join the BeekSquad community. See you every Thursday

Here’s the link for this Thursday:


Tip #1 Do not lift brood frames out of your hive UNTIL the outside temperature is above 65° (F) or 18° (C).

Tip #2 If it’s too cold for your bees to fly, feed winter-bee-kind candy boards.

Tip #3 When it’s warm enough for your bees to fly in early spring, feed 1:1 sugar water with our additives.

Tip #4 When dandelions start to bloom there is no need to continue feeding strong colonies.

Tip #5 Feed newly installed packages 1:1 sugar water for a couple of weeks to help them draw out new comb/wax.

Tip #6 During the rollercoaster temperature changes of early spring you may have to go back and forth between liquid and hard candy. Use tip 2 & 3 to help make your decision.


Are you concerned how to feed your bees in later winter and early spring? Watch my newest video below:

I took a peak into a hive IN THE WINTER on a warm day. You’ll be amazed! Watch the video below and see how I get my bees through the cold winters of Central Illinois:


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