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I Love Helping Beekeepers

Hello BeekSquad! Let me guess, some of you have been at this beekeeping thing for quite some time and you aren’t getting the results that you were hoping for? Maybe you were wanting to see more honey production or better winter survival. To the best of your understanding, you’ve been doing what should work, but [...]

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  Hello BeekSquad, tonight it’s time for our LIVESTREAM, 7pm central time. I hope you’ll join me for a giveaway, special guests, questions answered and more! Here is the link: Jessica, Sheri, and I are continually inspired by our expanding audience as we dedicate ourselves to these livestreams. Your support is the driving force [...]

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  Tonight I’m giving away 3 of my ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES just in time for spring. Here’s how you could win. I’ll be hosting my LIVESTREAM on YouTube at 7pm central time tonight (Thursday February 16). I’ll start by teaching briefly on raising queens, and then I’ll spend some time answering questions. Throughout the livestream [...]

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Debunking The Top 10 Lies & Misconceptions About Beekeeping

  Beekeeping is full of lies & misconceptions. Test your knowledge about Honeybees. Which of these statements are true or false? 1. Honey Bees Are Going Extinct. True or False 2. Honey Bees Were Native To North America. True or False 3. Honey Is Bee Vomit. True or False 4. Honey Bees Fly At Night. [...]

Napisano 11 stycznia 2023 o godzinie: 22:20

Should Honey Bees Be VACCINATED? The Good, Bad & Ugly

  We made it safely home from Hive Life 2023 and it was so, so, so awesome. Nice to meet so many of you in person. What’s going on with all this talk about a VACCINE FOR HONEY BEES??? Is it good or bad? Sheri and I decided to sit down and talk about what this [...]

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HAPPY NEW YEARS | How To Make Money Beekeeping In 2023 | PACKAGES OF BEES FOR SALE

  Happy 2023 from David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, We did it!! We reached 100,000 Subscribers in 2022. Thank you so much for helping us reach this milestone on our beekeeping YouTube Channel. Now that it is 2023 let’s start the new beekeeping year the right way by order [...]

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3 Ways To Help Your Bees Survive Winter

  COME ON! Mites have got to be the most horrible thing to ever happen to your precious bees! Three ways you can help your bees survive winter are: 1) Control Mites, 2) Feed Your Bees and 3) Raise thousands of bees of winter physiology in September and October. I explain these in my Online Ultimate [...]

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How To Control Mites | 50% OFF ALL ONLINE CLASSES

  50% Off All Our Online Beekeeping Courses For one day only, July 4th, 2022 save 50% off all our online courses. Mark you calendars and set your alarm. Do not miss this huge savings!! Mark this link and be ready as of 12:01 a.m. on July 4th: OR CLICK HERE Are Mites At Work [...]

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5 Life Hacks Bees Have Taught Me

  Hello from David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Summer has finally arrived and maybe by now your bees are strong and doing well. I just made a new video sharing 5 life hacks that bees have taught me. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW: BONUS TIPS FOR JUNE I’ve also made [...]

Napisano 17 czerwca 2022 o godzinie: 5:40

So Many New Hives | Is This One Stupid Or Will It Work

  Hello from David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. There are so many new and different types of hives hitting the market today. Many of these hives are so non-standard that I wonder if they are stupid or if they really do work? Let’s find out. Watch my newest video as [...]

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