Napisano 19 września 2018 o godzinie: 4:20

Contentious & Argumentative Beekeeping

Happy Last Days Of Summer! We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee  Farms and It’s finally almost here. Fall will arrive on September 22nd, 2018. Four days away. Are your bees ready?  Our lane is lined on both sides with an abundance of goldenrod. And yes my hives smell weird! [...]

Napisano 13 września 2018 o godzinie: 2:20

Should You Feed 1:1 or 2:1 In The Fall?

WOW, FALL IS IN THE AIR! Sheri and I have been amazed at how quickly summer flew by. The first day of fall is in 11 days. Already bees are stockpiling their winter stores.  The recent tropical storm made its way into Illinois and poured 4-6 inches of rain on us. Needless to say, the [...]

Napisano 6 września 2018 o godzinie: 0:00

Preparing A Weak Hive For Winter

Hive Talk Beekeeping Podcast at 1:30 Today Central Time HIVE TALK is a beekeeping podcast with Jon Zawislak and David Burns. Join them today at 1:30 central time. They will be talking about the science, art and love of beekeeping.  Join two EAS certified master beekeepers and listen to them gab about stuff but mostly [...]

Napisano 22 sierpnia 2018 o godzinie: 19:20

Good Friends

When we first started our beekeeping business there was a lot to learn. We learned much of it the hard way. Mistakes were made but we always got back up on our feet and kept going.  Years ago we use to ship packages through the Post Office. I remember the very first time we shipped [...]

Napisano 6 sierpnia 2018 o godzinie: 14:00

Should You Feed Your Bees in Late Summer or Fall?

A few days ago Sheri and I celebrated 38 years of marriage.  We have six children and eleven grandchildren. Those of you who are our age know that time flies by so fast, especially the older you get. When you are young, you struggle to raise you family and pay your bills. When you get [...]

Napisano 30 lipca 2018 o godzinie: 11:40

August-October Determines Your Colony’s Winter Survival

Happy Summer!  We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee  Farms and Slow down summer! We all stay so busy enjoying all the summertime activities that before we know it, summer is gone. We are excited about our „Getting Your Bees Through The Winter” course available as an online course. You [...]

Napisano 30 czerwca 2018 o godzinie: 1:40

What Beekeepers Are Reporting Across The Country

Hi, we are David and Sheri Burns at and Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. We specialize in training others in beekeeping and selling beekeeping equipment.  There is so much information about beekeeping that it is confusing! How can you know what you are watching on YouTube is the best method for where you live [...]

Napisano 16 czerwca 2018 o godzinie: 21:20

Mite Control, Honey Production, Quality Queens & Winter

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and Today we want to share some important facts and management skills concerning mite control, honey production, quality queens and preparing your colony for winter. Of all these topics, one stands out the most to most beekeepers this time of year: Honey! [...]

Napisano 22 maja 2018 o godzinie: 13:00

Queens Available

Queens For Sale!!  We now have queens available for sale online. Click here to order your queen today. These queens will ship around May 29th. My „QUEEN DREAM TEAM” is back to work raising queens for 2018. Myself and two other highly respected and experienced beekeepers are working hard raising queens that are for sale now. Or call [...]

Napisano 3 maja 2018 o godzinie: 6:40

Windy Conditions Are Hard On Bees

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and Last weekend we just finished up our package bee pickup extravaganza! Beekeepers from all over enjoyed a beautiful day and picked up hives, supplies and bees. Sheri and I have worked hard to have the best support staff onsite to help [...]

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