Napisano 2 kwietnia 2020 o godzinie: 10:40

New Video On 1st Inspection Of An OverWintered Hive

Honey Bees: A Calming Joy Sheri and I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. We are still on schedule for package bee pick up on April 25th as we are an essential agricultural business. We will have you stay in your car and will place the packages in the car for you. Our [...]

Napisano 14 marca 2020 o godzinie: 14:40

With Many Beekeeping Classes Being Canceled We Are Offering 50% OFF All ONLINE Courses

Because Colleges & Universities Are Closed Many Beekeeping Classes Are Canceled In Response We Are Offering 50% Off All Of Our ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES because we know many new beekeepers have a limited time to take these classes before bees arrive. Enjoy Our Courses From The Comfort Of Your Home Click Here View All Our [...]

Napisano 13 marca 2020 o godzinie: 13:20

Coronavirus & Implications On Beekeeping

Coronavirus Fear Has Gripped Our Nation COVID 19 is a serious concern and regular care and attention is prudent such as washing your hands and having extras of common items. How Does the Corona Virus Impact Honey Bees? Virologist agree that COVID 19 cannot infect arthropods, such as honey bees. That’s good news given the [...]

Napisano 6 marca 2020 o godzinie: 4:00

New Youtube Video On Spring Feeding

Spring Is Only 15 Days Away We now have 30 more 3 lb packages of bees with mated queen available. Click here to order today. Our phone is ringing off the hook with beekeepers asking when and what they should feed their bees this spring. I decided to make a YouTube video describing and explaining [...]

Napisano 20 lutego 2020 o godzinie: 9:20

Pros & Cons of Beekeeping Before I talk about the pros and cons of beekeeping let me announce that we are extending our online course sale of %50 off. I normally do not send these emails out this close, but so many people took advantage of our Online Courses at 50% on Presidents Day and [...]

Napisano 18 lutego 2020 o godzinie: 6:40

Happy President’s Day – 50% Off Online Courses

Until Midnight Tonight, Save 50% off all Online Beekeeping Courses We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, ( located in Fairmount, Illinois. For today only we are offering an unbelievable savings of 50% off on our Online Courses. Take advantage of this saving as our way of helping you to [...]

Napisano 13 lutego 2020 o godzinie: 0:00

Oh No! Winter Is Returning – Batten Down The Hatches

We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms Batten Down The Hatches is a nautical term referring to preparing a ship for rough waters. Here in Illinois we’ve had a mild winter, but in just a day or two, 5″ of snow is predicted and below zero chill factors at night. [...]

Napisano 26 stycznia 2020 o godzinie: 1:20

46 Videos To Answer Your Questions That WILL Come Up In 2020

In the spring of 2016 I started a mentorship beekeeping coaching program, inviting 200 people. It filled up so quickly. Starting Feb. 1, 2020 I’ll be presenting my material known as, „Hive Insight Is 2020″, providing you with how to get past your beekeeping limitations and advance into truly understanding how to best manage and [...]

Napisano 15 stycznia 2020 o godzinie: 12:00

Hive Insight Is 2020 10 Tips For 2020

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and What will beekeeping be like in 2020? Many new approaches along with reiterating proven methods will help 2020 be one of the most successful years in beekeeping.  Today I want to share my TOP 10 TIPS for beekeeping in 2020, what [...]

Napisano 1 stycznia 2020 o godzinie: 18:40

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope that you enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday with friends and loved ones. 2019 was astoundingly awesome for Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. We experienced incredible growth and improvements. As always we are so grateful for the loyal support of our wonderful customers. You push [...]

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