Mleko i Miód

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We absolutely adore this packaging and the extra effort that was put into the product/packaging photo shoot. Simply gorgeous.
„Milk&Honey set was designed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a gift for the Polish EU Presidency. It is a set for preparing a traditional drink. (The drink itself has a delicate taste and health-giving properties – it strengthens the heart and supports the body in its fight against cold and stress.) Our studio delivered a turn key solution – from the initial concept design to full coordination and project management at the production level. It consists of a porcelain cup, spoon and a jar of Polish honey. The shape of each element and graphic design were inspired by motifs originating from Polish culture and tradition. The mug was sculpted to resemble a traditional milk can and the spoon is shaped like a quill pen – a nod to the poetic provenance of the term „a land flowing with milk and honey”. The detailed recipe for ”Milk&Honey” can be found inside the box.”


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