Lipa dla Lancelota / Lime for Lancelot

Meryl Marsh at the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive asked me about remarkable specimens of certain species, Tilia Cordata among them, and that immediately made me think of Siedlecin….

The Ducal Tower in Siedlecin (pre-1945: Boberrohrsdorf) has the oldest ceiling timbers in Poland (1313-1314) and the only (!) wall polychromies on Lancelot-of-the-Lake, or Lancelot du Lac, the Roundtable Knight, in Europe, which also happen to be Poland’s oldest surviving secular paintings…

In front of the tower grows an old lime tree that, dendrologists reportedly say, is one tree split in half rather than two grown together. This should make up for an impressive circumference…

Mr and Mrs are five hundred years old and still they dance.

Źródło: Lipa dla Lancelota / Lime for Lancelot

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