From Our Family To Yours

From our family to yours we’d like to thank you for being a loyal customer and supporter 

 of our small, family beekeeping business.  We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and it’s hard to believe we’ve been in the beekeeping business for 11 years. Over the last decade it has been so rewarding meeting so many great people and introducing so many people into beekeeping. We appreciate you being our customer and we are looking forward to serving you for years to come.

We still have several open spots for our beginners beekeeping class this Saturday from 1pm-6pm at our training center here in central Illinois. We are located between Champaign and Danville Illinois about 5 miles south of interstate 74. Click here to sign up now. This is our last beginners class until next February.

Are You Aware Of My Mentorship Program?

This fall and through the winter I’ll be covering these topics for beeteam6 members only. Click here to join now 
October – Challenges of fall and winter preparation
November – How to raise your own queens
                   - Equipment & skills required
                   - Step by step instructions on how to raise quality queens
                   - How to select better stock

December  – How to make cool products from the hive
                   - Candles & gift baskets
                   - Making old fashion soap with beeswax
                   - How to make honey mead
                   - Lip balm and propolis tinctures

January – Cooking with honey
              - Cleaning and repairing equipment for spring
              - How to paint, seal or stain your hives. What’s natural?
              - How to prepare a beekeeping presentation
                for civic groups and young children

February – Hive comparison: 10 Frame vs 8 frame hives
                - What’s a top bar hive and how does it work?
                - Pros and cons of a Warre Hive
                - Evaluation of a Flow-Hive
March – Swarm prevention and management techniques
            - Making splits, when and how early
            - Pros and cons of local bee clubs
            - The spring beekeeping calendar
Spend the cold winter months learning how to be a better beekeeper through my mentorship programs. Spots are open.  Click here to learn how to join.
Our Winter Bee Kinds ARE NOT SOLD OUT YET!!
Many people are worried we are sold out. We are not. Don’t delay ordering your Winter-Bee-Kind. Our winter-bee-kinds are placed on top of your hive, candy side down. The candy contains proteins and carbohydrates as a winter food source for your bees. It also allows bees to take cleansing flights through a top entrance. And a sheet of insulation below the candy reduces moisture in winter hive. Comes with a recipe so you can refill it yourself. Orders are pouring in so don’t wait too long. Make sure your bees have adequate food for winter by placing our Winter Bee Kind on your hive if for no other reason than insurance that they won’t starve! Available for 10 frame, and 8 frame hives. We will start shipping these in November provided the weather is cool enough to ship.

The Burns Bees Feeding System
Frustrated by the limitations of feeding my colonies in the fall, I invented and created a simple feeding system. It’s been enjoyed by beekeepers now for several years. I use it to feed my bees in the fall so they will build up fall brood for winter survival. This feeding system provides screens to keep your bees down while you change out your feeding jars and add pollen patties. Here in Illinois our bees must now eat their own food for 70 days even before winter arrives!  That’s over two months. There is nothing for the bees to forage on. Try out our Burns Bees Feeding System and help your bees maintain the nutrition they need this winter. Click Here For More Info
* * * * * FREE CLASS * * * * *
Here is a class for you honey enthusiasts! Join Sheri Burns as she talks about honey — how bees get it, how they pollinate, what types of flowers do they pollinate? Why is some honey light while other honey is dark? Learn about what’s in honey and how it’s beneficial to people (do YOU know where those beneficial enzymes come from?).  Watch an extraction demonstration and see how it’s stored. Learn how to cook and bake with honey. And did you know there are other medicinal uses for honey?
Registration is required.  Seating is limited. 
This class will take place this year on Sat., Oct 29 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Not just for beekeepers but for anyone who enjoys honey (age 12 and up).
The workshop will take place at the Training Center of which is located at 14556 N 1020 East Rd in Fairmount IL (30 min east of Champaign-Urbana).  Off Exit #206 Oakwood, go south into town.  At second stop sign (about 5 miles out in country) turn left.  At 2nd country road (1020 East) turn left.  Go down about 1/2 mile, you will see our signs.

Beekeeping Podcast Today At 1:30 Central Time
At 1:30 pm central time today join David Burns and Jon Zawislak for HIVE TALK! Join them every Wednesday at 1:30. Set your alarm to join them. You can call in and even ask your question! 

David and Jon will be talking about the details in raising queens.  Join two EAS certified master beekeepers and listen to them gab about bees, mostly. You can make Hive Talk more interesting by calling in and asking questions live, or by logging in on your computer and texting us your question. Here’s how:
The number to call is:


Set your alarm and your smart phones. 

If you missed us live, listen to the recorded episode on iTunes by clicking here.
Give us a call at 217-427-2678
or visit our website at:

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