3 Ways To Help Your Bees Survive Winter


COME ON! Mites have got to be the most horrible thing to ever happen to your precious bees!

Three ways you can help your bees survive winter are: 1) Control Mites, 2) Feed Your Bees and 3) Raise thousands of bees of winter physiology in September and October. I explain these in my Online Ultimate Beekeeping Course.

Many beekeepers have high hopes and dreams of producing treatment free bees, I did too at one time. It is very admirable, but it is a very large undertaking and although many have been working on this idea for many years, we still have to control mites every way we can.

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks making videos helping beekeepers learn the art of testing for mites and choosing the best IPM approach to controlling mites. In August and September mites will double in population.

Until we have a proven line of queens that are 100% mite resistant, we must be responsible beekeepers and continue to manage our mite levels to save our honey bees. Please watch my most recent videos on how to test for mites and how to treat for mites. Check these videos out below:



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The only way your bees will survive the winter is by having enough bees of winter physiology, mostly mite free and have plenty of food. Summer bees only live 40 days. However, bees of winter physiology live 4-6 months. Bees that you raise in the fall will be bees you will see next spring. But how do you raise bees of winter physiology and when? You must feed your bees in the fall so that the queen can lay an abundance of brood in September and October. When the queen lays an abundance of eggs in September and October, those bees will emerge in November and will support the hive through into April. To stimulate brood rearing now you must feed your bees with our Burns Bees Feeding System. 

Our feeding board, shown to the left, allows you to feed from the top where the cluster is located on cooler fall evenings. And it provides screened holes to place your 1:1 sugar water with our protein powder.


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