Spring Is ONLY 15 Days Away! Are You Ready??

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and Honeybeesonline.com. 
Spring is only 15 days away. Being prepare is essential. Do not be caught off guard. If you are not an experienced beekeeper I strongly recommend you take our Online Spring Management Course.  David has taught beekeeping courses for over a decade and is an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. 
Here is what he will be covering in his Online Spring Management Course:

-How soon to inspect after winter?
-Feeding solutions in the spring
-How to make a walk away split
-David’s best spring split method
-How to make splits without buying queens
-Swarm prevention techniques
-Split for more hives vs. not splitting for more honey
-Be aware of diseases more common in the spring
-Techniques to equalize hives in the spring
-Replenishing the bee yard with more packages vs nucs?
-How to collect pollen in the spring
-Is it okay to reuse old comb from a hive that perished?
-Tips on Finding Your Queen
-How to Install a new package of bees
-How to inspect your spring hive
-Seasonal management calendar
-Feeding Solutions for each season
You’ve worked hard to help your bees make it through the winter. Don’t mess things up in the spring! Click here to sign up today.   Our online course means, no traveling expeses. Enjoy the course from the comfort of your own home. No juggling of schedules. Study the lessons/videos at your own pace when you want. And, receive 1 month of free mentoring/coaching through our BeeTeam6 program with EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. You’ll have 30 days to email David about any questions you might have. You will receive a certificate of completion once you complete the course.
 ”…..he’s saved me a couple of times! It’s worth it to have someone to ask questions when there’s conflicting info about how to deal with (bee) problems.  David is knowledgeable and there when I need answers quickly.  Thanks David!”   Kathy, Illinois
 ”As a first year beekeeper the single most important thing I did besides take one of David’s beginner beekeeping classes and read as many books as i could was to Join beeteam6.  Having a master beekeeper only a phone call away was extremely helpful when experiencing things for the first time as a new beekeeper.  David has been so helpful, patient and still pushes me to keep learning for myself as I continue to grow as a beekeeper with the support of beeteam6!!! Thanks Beeteam6!”    Todd H., Danville, Il
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Limited number available order online or call us today 217-427-2678
Making Spring Splits Includes Making A 5 Frame Nuc
 Let’s Get To Work! 

Having a 5 frame nuc to support your hive is a great help. This spring, you can take a few frames of brood and resources from a strong, overwintered colony and build up a 5 frame nuc. Use it to have resources to share with your large colony later in the season if needed. For example, if you lose your queen in your strong hive and they fail to replace her, just use the queen from your 5 frame support colony. Or if you need an extra frame of honey or capped brood to strengthen your hive, grab some from your 5 frame support nuc. Plus, this is a fun size to open and show relatives without having to open up a large hive.  Order one today. Bees NOT included.
A limited Number Of Spots Are Available 
Spring is going to bring lots of beekeeping questions to your mind. Why not have David to turn to for all your spring questions? David’s Beekeeping Coaching program is known as Beeteam6.

 ”I have found Bee Team 6 to be very beneficial, your „coaching” has been a big help to me and my little family. It has really brought the stress level way down for me. I’m a retired ARMY Veteran, and stress has been a big issue. You, Bee Team 6 and Beekeeping has played a „Huge” role, being therapy for me and helping to keep my mind occupied with something positive. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your family for helping with that.”   William, Maine

David offers a special mentorship/coaching program called BeeTeam6 where you can call, email or text him your concerns or questions about your bees. Plus you receive a regular tip and a instructional beekeeping video. Even if you are not keeping bees yet, this is perfect to help you gain the education you need before you start. Or if you are starting this year, why not have the extra peace of mind by having someone you can consult. Sign Up Now.


Thank you for supporting our family beekeeping business. We appreciate being able to help you with all of your beekeeping needs. 
David and Sheri Burns
We are located in east central Illinois between Champaign and Danville, Illinois. 
Call us today: 217-427-2678 or visit us online at:

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