New Video On Where Your Bees Are Flying & Bees In A Cold Snap

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It’s getting colder for a while, and below I’ve given some tips on what to do if you live in an area that is seeing a cold snap.
We want to thank our loyal customers who continue to support our small, family business. These are difficult times for all small, family businesses and for everyone. But the good news is the true American spirit of kindness and generosity is shining through.
We appreciate your business at times like this so much. We are so thankful when you purchase one of our Online Beekeeping Courses. You’ll not only learn so many new things about beekeeping, but your purchases greatly helps our business. Our online beekeeping courses are 50% off.
If you are bored at home with nothing to do, now is the time to either learn a new hobby or expand your knowledge in your current hobby. Our online beekeeping courses have been available for several years. They were not quickly thrown together in a panic. Instead, we’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of beekeepers who have enjoyed our Online Beekeeping Courses for years.
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Thank you for your patience as we have a smaller staff. We’ve even called in David to help with shipping out your orders. He is still working hard, mentoring his members of BeeTeam6 and producing Beekeeping Videos. He has just finished a very interesting new video on pollen sourcing, determining where your bees are going based on the pollen on their legs.
As you watch David’s Video, please help us out. Please subscribe to our YouTube Beekeeping channel. We now have 34,000 Subscribers which is amazing. Also, it helps us out so much when you give us a thumbs up on the video. Just below the video you are watching, you have an option to do both, subscribe and give us a thumbs up. Thank you!
Watch Our New Video Now By Clicking On The Image Below:

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Spring is always full of surprises as temperatures are like a yo-yo. One day last week it was 80, then the next day it snowed. I was almost convinced to splits my hives, but glad I waited as next week looks cooler than normal. If it’s dropping below freezing where you live, you may want to consider wrapping your hives until your bees start flying again. Certainly feeding your bees is a must! Feed From The Top with our feeding!
If you’ve already made your splits and you live in the north where temperatures will drop below freezing, consider wrapping your splits and keep food on your new splits. Feeding bees can help them maintain heat within the hive.
If you are unfortunate and have to install a package on a cold, rainy or snowy day, cowboy up and get ‘er done! Have a friend hold an umbrella over you and the hive. Do not leave your bees in the package longer than necessary. And remember, when temperatures drop below 50 degrees (f), bees greatly decrease their consumption of sugar water. Laying is reduced as bees are forced to cluster as well.
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