How To Make A Split

Reports are coming in across the country that bees are SWARMING!
Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know most of us are ready for the country to return to normal so we can visit family, travel and return to a normal life. Maybe you feel all alone in your beekeeping endeavor. Consider having me as your remote mentor.
WHAT IS A REMOTE/VIRTUAL MENTOR? With local clubs unable to meet and many beekeeping mentors staying isolated, you may feel all alone. I can help you no matter where you live. For years, I have been mentoring beekeepers across the country via phone, text and email. You can have an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper at your fingertips when you are knee deep in a mess or unsure about what you should do next with your bees. So many beekeepers are new and live in panic or worry mode. Sign up for BEETEAM6 TODAY! Cancel anytime.
Sign up for 6 months: Click Here For More Information On Having Me As Your Mentor
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You have enough on your mind. Join the rank of hundreds who trust David as their personal beekeeping mentor.
The next Beeteam6 video and article will go out in several days. Join now to receive the next episode. I will be examining a brood frame cell by cell, making many observations as to what is visible and explaining my observations. It will be very helpful and insightful.
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