APIMONDIA 2011 Bartnik Sądecki


42º INTERNATIONAL APICULTURAL CONGRESS APIMONDIA 2011 BUENOS AIRES – ARGENTINA. La Rural, Predio ferial de Buenos Aires (Av.Santa Fe 4201, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Congress: From 21st to 25th, September 2011
Technical Tours: 26th and 27th, September 2011 APIMONDIA

The biggest event because it gathers more than 10,000 participants from more than 70 countries members of APIMONDIA. Because it has 2,700 square meters for apicultural companies from all over the world so they can offer their products to hundreds of beekeepers that want to find the best and the latest in terms of sanitation, nutrition, tools, machineries, services, supplies, technology and other products related to a better and greater performance in their production.

Źródło: APIMONDIA 2011 Bartnik Sądecki

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