2 New Beekeeping Videos

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Sheri and I are excited about the debut (July 7th)of our new beekeeping book, „Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your First Hive.”
It is available for pre-order on Amazon. Sheri and I would appreciate any support you can lend our way to help this book get off to a fantastic start by pre ordering our book from Amazon: Follow This Link Today!
I’ve just posted two new beekeeping videos that you will love! One follows the life of a hive raising a new queen. Watch their virgin queen fly. We follow her progress in getting mated and starting to lay. This is good math to understand when to expect a hive to start laying after raising a new queen.
The second video is great for learning how to strengthen a weak hive. We go back into the same hive and I show how to add the right brood to give a weak colony a better future. Click on the images

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