HAPPY NEW YEARS | How To Make Money Beekeeping In 2023 | PACKAGES OF BEES FOR SALE


Happy 2023 from David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, www.honeybeesonline.com

We did it!! We reached 100,000 Subscribers in 2022. Thank you so much for helping us reach this milestone on our beekeeping YouTube Channel.

Now that it is 2023 let’s start the new beekeeping year the right way by order your bees before they are sold out:

Packages Of Bees Available Now Click Here Now

5 Frame Nucs Available Now Click Here Now

Our packages are „pick up only” at our bee farm in central Illinois on April 22. Why is it better to pick up bees rather than having them shipped? If bees are shipped through traditional delivery services they can be mishandled or kept in hot trucks for days. It is very common for shipped bees to arrive to a beekeeper with most of the bees dead on the bottom of the package. It’s risky. Why not order your bees today and pick up your precious cargo here at our honey bee farm where we keep your bees healthy.

Our packages of bees are available now. They sell out very fast. We also have 50 (limited) Nucs available for sale and many have been sold already.


We all love our hobbies and sometimes it’s an added bonus when our hobby can make us money. In today’s video I’ll share how you can make some extra cash in beekeeping. Take a look at the video below:


Sheri and I will be at Hive Life in Tennessee Jan 5-7 and we are pumped about seeing beekeepers from all over the world. Kaymon Reynolds is doing it right. He’s put together a conference brining in YouTube content creators for beekeeping under one roof. He knows that when people start beekeeping they start with YouTube.

Experience two days with 22 sessions teaching time-tested methods and new techniques from the industry’s best! There is something for everyone, from entry-level to professional.

Experience over 1 MILLION dollars in Extractors, Woodenware, Honeybee Nutrition, Live Demos, the latest inventions, the best deals in North America, and much more at Hive Life’s Trade Show!

Experience the conference with Beekeeping Stars and over 2000 like-minded beekeepers from around the globe! 2,000 Beekeepers from all around the world are coming together and Sheri and I will have a great time meeting all of you.

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