Queens Available

Queens For Sale!!  We now have queens available for sale online. Click here to order your queen today. These queens will ship around May 29th.

My „QUEEN DREAM TEAM” is back to work raising queens for 2018. Myself and two other highly respected and experienced beekeepers are working hard raising queens that are for sale now. Or call in during business hours 217-427-2678. The queens that we sell are not a specific „race” but rather queens that have been raised from selected northern colonies that we are proud of. Our queens are raised here in Illinois.


How To Raise Your Own Queens Class This Saturday At Our Training Center
We had a cancellation for our queen rearing class this Saturday. First one to sign up secures a spot. Click Here to sign up now.
Our queen rearing course is from  9am-3pm at our Training Center here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in central Illinois. Every beekeeper can benefit greatly from learning to raise their own queens. With constant struggles with queenlessness and queens disappearing it’s time to take the next step and learn to raise your own! It will be worth the investment. Join EAS certified master beekeeper and queen rearer David Burns for the whole day as he teaches you how to raise queens. Hurry, one spot is open due to a cancellation. We keep the numbers very small for more one-on-one help as needed. Registration required.  No walk-ins.
Please register with a valid email address so we can send your further information on what to bring that day.  Also please bring your protective gear, as weather permitting you may be in the bee yard for a portion of the class.  Also, bring your sack lunch, and water bottles to stay dehydrated. Minimum class size required. 

Click Here to sign up now.

Beekeeping Methods Can Be Confusing
BeeTeam6 is David’s beekeeping coaching program. David coaches beekeepers around the country, helping them with their challenges, questions and concerns. Members can call David’s personal cell phone, send an email with pictures or text David questions. David only accepts 200 members. This number fluctuates throughout the season. David is accepting 2 more positions. If you are interested and you think this will really help you, consider signing up today. Once you sign up, David sends out specific video teachings and beekeeping tips several times per month. Even if you don’t need to contact David, the videos and tips make it worth being part of BeeTeam6. There’s just too many opinions and approaches in beekeeping to figure it all out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an EAS Certified Master beekeeper on the other end of the phone to walk you through your new endeavor.

Join David In A Hive
Have you been flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to beekeeping? Do you know just enough to be dangerous? Compliment your beekeeping knowledge by joining David in a hive. He’ll walk you through several hive inspections and show manipulating frames and colonies. He’ll help you identify what’s going on and why. This event is offered at our training center here in central Illinois. This is a fun 2 and a half hours. He’s offering 3 different dates to choose from:

June 9, 8:30-11am


June 30th, 8:30-11am SIGN UP HERE

July 7th, 8:30-11am SIGN UP HERE

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