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David Burns Helps You Learn To Read Your Frames During An Inspection


Learning To Read Your Frames During An Inspection
When I first started beekeeping, I had no idea what I was seeing. I thought I did, but understanding what I know now, I realize that I was very uniformed in my early years of beekeeping. That lack of knowledge about brood development and the life cycle of the adult honey bee cost me many mistakes and the loss of hives.
Until a beekeeper can read the contents of their frames and understand what they are seeing, they will not know what steps they should take next. Here are a minimum of 6 essential things you must be able to identify to successfully keep bees:
1. Ages of eggs.
2. Larvae in various stages.
3. Pupae (Difference between drone and worker pupae).
4. The difference between queen cups and queen cells.
5. Spotty brood versus a solid brood pattern.
6. Stored resources such as bee bread, pollen, nectar and honey.
These six only address healthy observations not to mention understanding how to observe unhealthy diseases etc.
If you know nothing about a car engine, when you open the hood, you have no idea why it will not start or why it died. Many beekeepers lack the very essential knowledge to properly inspect their hive leading to problems going unnoticed.
PLEASE DO NOT try beekeeping
without taking a beekeeping course!

Currently I’m offering my ONLINE Ultimate Beekeeping Course at 50% off to help support beekeepers who may not be able to attend local clubs or classes due to the pandemic. Take advantage now as this offer ends in 29 days (April 30th, 2021).
Spring Feeding
Especially Great When Cold Snaps Hit!
Feed your bees just what they need for spring. Feeding bees from the top is much more effective in the spring when they still may cluster on cooler nights. We recommend adding our 3 additives to your 1:1 sugar water and use on our Burns Bees Feeding System as shown here and in the video below. These sell out fast, so order now while they are still available.
New Beekeeping Video:
  • How To Better Understand Brood Development.
  • How To Better Understand The Life Cycle Of The Adult Honey Bee.
  • Do Something New For Spring – Coffee Time
Click on the video below, and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and click on the bell in the video to be notified each time I make a new video.

Beekeeping Mentorship Program/Coaching
Having a coach can help you succeed at beekeeping. I’d love to be your personal mentor and beekeeping coach. We have just a few spots left open, so sign up today.
As a member of BeeTeam6, you can call my personal cell phone and talk to me directly when you have beekeeping questions. I was certified as a Master Beekeeper by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North American in 2010. As a member you can call me, email me or send me a question via text. Lessen your anxiety and learn to enjoy your bees making better decision with me as your coach.
You can either subscribe month to month
These few spot will go fast, so come join the team!
Spots Available 5 4

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