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5 Tips On Mowing Around Your Hive & How To Fix A Hive After You Knock It Over With Your Mower


Time To Mow Around Your Hive…

It doesn’t take long before the grass and weeds grow up around your beautiful hive, making your bee yard look unkept and a mess. How do you mow and trim around the hive without getting stung a million times by your bees?
Is it true that bees do not have ears? It is true. Bees do not have ears on the side of their heads like humans. But, they do have a Johnston’s organ in their antenna and subgenual’s in their legs which are better than ears. These organs pick up sound waves in the form of vibrations.
Mowers and weed eaters are very loud to bees and they interpret the noise as a threat to their hive. If you get too close and are not suited up…OUCH!! OUCH!! and more OUCHES!!
I have 5 Tips for making mowing around your hives easier and hopefully minimize being stung. Watch my short video on how to mow around your hive.

While we are tidying up the bee yard, let’s paint some hives. How in the world can we paint our hives when they are full of bees? In the video below, I’ll share 2 ways that will make it so easy for you. See the video below.

Now that you are a beekeeper you may be faced with many questions. It’s never too late to take one of our ONLINE beekeeping courses.
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When Nature Calls, You Have To Answer

  Nature Calls… When nature calls you have to answer. Nature may be calling you to add another box to your hive before they become overcrowded and swarm. But if you add a box too soon, it may cause the bees just to go up and stay on the center frames and never work the [...]

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I’ve Made Some Big Mistakes In Beekeeping

  So Here’s The Thing… You would think that spring would be an easy time for bees and beekeepers. Then why is it the busiest and most difficult time of the year to get your hive off to a great start? It’s because so many things can go wrong so fast. Swarming, queen failure, when [...]

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Watch Our New Video & Win A New Refractometer

  New Video Installing A Package & A 5 Frame Nuc In today’s new video we will install a new package and follow its progression every several days. I’ll show you what I and maybe this series will help you keep your package going strong. We will also install a 5 frame Nuc. ENJOY!  Please Subscribe!! [...]

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Extra Package Available

 Extra Packages Available We have extra packages available for today and Tuesday only, May 3-4th. Available for PICK-UP only from 10am-8pm (Central Time) both days. ORDER ONLINE, Then, come pick up your 3lb package with a mated queen. We are located in East Central Illinois. Just put Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in Google Maps [...]

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  Spring Tips, Beltsville, Maryland Bee Lab Results and Photos of Oddities From The Hive Watch our newest video where I’ll review the results from a Bee Report From the Beltsville, MD bee lab, and I’ll share some important spring tips. Also, we will observe some oddities from the hive submitted by BeeTeam6 members. Beekeeping [...]

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David Burns Helps You Learn To Read Your Frames During An Inspection

  Learning To Read Your Frames During An Inspection When I first started beekeeping, I had no idea what I was seeing. I thought I did, but understanding what I know now, I realize that I was very uniformed in my early years of beekeeping. That lack of knowledge about brood development and the life [...]

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How To Transition Your Hive From Winter To Spring & New Video!

                     Only 17 days until Spring! 3 Pound Packages Still Available 5 Reasons I love Packages For New Beginners: They are easy to handle and install They are fun to watch grow from 10,000 bees to 40,000 A new beginner can grow in knowledge as the [...]

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Our Online Courses Are 50% For A Limited Time

  Only 30 days until Spring! Hard to believe with the crazy winter weather that has paralyzed the US over the last week. My brother lives in the deep south and last night he lost power from an ice storm and a limb fell on his truck. So many people are worried about their bees [...]

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Don’t Let The Complexity Of Beekeeping Overwhelm You

  Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns. Beekeeping does not have to be so overwhelming. Let’s face it, after going through 2020 we’ve been overwhelmed enough. Beekeeping should be a relaxing hobby, something to get our mind off of all the crazy stuff that’s happening around us. There [...]

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