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Extra Package Available

 Extra Packages Available

We have extra packages available for today and Tuesday only, May 3-4th. Available for PICK-UP only from 10am-8pm (Central Time) both days.

ORDER ONLINE, Then, come pick up your 3lb package with a mated queen.
We are located in East Central Illinois. Just put Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in Google Maps and head over.
An extra package can help shore up your splits or strengthen a weak colony or add another hive to your bee yard.
Or if your hive made it through winter but they are queenless and you cannot find a queen, add a package of bees plus a new mated queen to keep your hive going!
We Have A Few Extra Packages of Bees
Click Here

Now that you are a beekeeper you may be faced with many questions. It’s never too late to take one of our ONLINE beekeeping courses.
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Napisano 15 kwietnia 2021 o godzinie: 15:00

  Spring Tips, Beltsville, Maryland Bee Lab Results and Photos of Oddities From The Hive Watch our newest video where I’ll review the results from a Bee Report From the Beltsville, MD bee lab, and I’ll share some important spring tips. Also, we will observe some oddities from the hive submitted by BeeTeam6 members. Beekeeping [...]

Napisano 2 kwietnia 2021 o godzinie: 10:40

David Burns Helps You Learn To Read Your Frames During An Inspection

  Learning To Read Your Frames During An Inspection When I first started beekeeping, I had no idea what I was seeing. I thought I did, but understanding what I know now, I realize that I was very uniformed in my early years of beekeeping. That lack of knowledge about brood development and the life [...]

Napisano 4 marca 2021 o godzinie: 2:20

How To Transition Your Hive From Winter To Spring & New Video!

                     Only 17 days until Spring! 3 Pound Packages Still Available 5 Reasons I love Packages For New Beginners: They are easy to handle and install They are fun to watch grow from 10,000 bees to 40,000 A new beginner can grow in knowledge as the [...]

Napisano 19 lutego 2021 o godzinie: 10:20

Our Online Courses Are 50% For A Limited Time

  Only 30 days until Spring! Hard to believe with the crazy winter weather that has paralyzed the US over the last week. My brother lives in the deep south and last night he lost power from an ice storm and a limb fell on his truck. So many people are worried about their bees [...]

Napisano 5 lutego 2021 o godzinie: 17:00

Don’t Let The Complexity Of Beekeeping Overwhelm You

  Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns. Beekeeping does not have to be so overwhelming. Let’s face it, after going through 2020 we’ve been overwhelmed enough. Beekeeping should be a relaxing hobby, something to get our mind off of all the crazy stuff that’s happening around us. There [...]

Napisano 29 stycznia 2021 o godzinie: 7:40

Are These Bees Dead Or Alive?

  Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns. Beekeeping is a great hobby for the whole family or for just you. We need to continue to exercise our mind and expand our understanding of nature. Beekeeping allows the opportunity of exploring the awesome lives of bees. It’s amazing to [...]

Napisano 21 stycznia 2021 o godzinie: 22:20

To Wrap Or Not To Wrap Your Hive For Winter

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns. As beekeepers, we feel better wrapping our hives for winter because we insulate our homes, so why not make our hives toasty too. Bees do not hibernate as some believe. Instead, the colony gathers together very tight and forms a ball within [...]

Napisano 16 stycznia 2021 o godzinie: 15:40

Test Your Beekeeping Equipment Knowledge

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns. Take our beekeeping equipment test and see if you can identify what these different pieces of beekeeping equipment are and how they are used. Below, look through the pictures of various beekeeping equipment and see if you can identify each one and [...]

Napisano 13 stycznia 2021 o godzinie: 11:40

2 New Videos

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns hoping that you are your family is have a safe and healthy 2021. It’s encouraging to see more and more people picking up the hobby of beekeeping in 2021. Being quarantined during the pandemic has given rise to the discovery of many [...]

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