Winter-Bee-Kind Winter Feeding Systems Available Now Plus Another New Video

We invented and proudly produce the Winter-Bee-Kind winter feeding system and Pre Order yours NOW!

Winter-Bee-Kinds On Sale Now For November Shipping
Here’s how it works. Those who order first will be first to receive their order when we start shipping in November. You MUST order early. 
Our customers are so pleased and can’t believe they come out of winter with huge, healthy colonies. We make these for 10 and 8 frame hives and 5 frame nucs. They come with a refill recipe. 
SAVE $20
August 1st Only 
NORMALLY $59, 1 Day Only $39, August 1st
Click Here To Order Our „Getting Your Bees Through The Winter” Online Course And Save $20 Available August 1st Only
Thank you for supporting our Beekeeping YouTube Channel. We have posted a new video showing how too much moisture can ruin your honey. I’ll demonstrate how you can check your honey before you pull it from your hive.
Dangers Of Harvesting Honey Too Soon!
We are glad you are keeping bees. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.
David and Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
Our New Spring/Summer Hours 10am-2pm Central Time Tues-Sat.

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