When Nature Calls, You Have To Answer


Nature Calls…

When nature calls you have to answer. Nature may be calling you to add another box to your hive before they become overcrowded and swarm. But if you add a box too soon, it may cause the bees just to go up and stay on the center frames and never work the frames near the walls. Timing is everything.

How Can You Know When To Add A New Box?
In today’s new video, we’ll explain how to know when it is time to add a new box to your growing hive. And in this video…
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Learn to know when your bees are telling you it’s time to add an additional box to your hive. Watch the video above.
Below, our previous video was a big hit. So many people enjoyed learning and observing the difference between a 5 frame nuc and a package of bees installed on the same day. Click below to watch that video.

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