Strange Beekeeping Stuff That Actually Works!


Strange New Beekeeping Tools Are Saturating The Market. Some Of It Works!

Hello From Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. I’m EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. I’m here to help you with your bees.
Take a look now at a new video I’ve made. In this video I evaluate some of the newer type tools and equipment hitting the market and I’ll let you know if I think it works or not.

Beekeeping can be challenging when you have issues with your queen. If your queen dies and is not replaced, your honey bees will perish within a few months. I’ll show you how I addressed a queen issue in the video below, especially how to check on your queen in the fall to make sure she is laying well.

Our popular Winter-Bee-Kinds are available for purchase NOW!
Be sure and remember that they will not ship until December. And select the proper one, either 8 Frame or for 10 Frame Hive.
Winter-Bee-Kinds Video
Feeding Bees In The Winter: Inspecting A Winter Bee Kind
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Greater knowledge leads to greater success!

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