Spring Is Only 34 Days Until Spring

Thank you for your interest in beekeeping. We are David and Sheri Burns and we operate a beekeeping know as honeybeesonline.com and Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in central Illinois. When you purchase from us, not only does it allow us to live out our dream of making a living from beekeeping, but it allows us to continue to work hard at helping more and more people start beekeeping. We need more backyard beekeepers to help save the honey bee. As a family business we believe we can give you the personal touch you need to become a successful beekeeper. We started beekeeping in 1994 and began building beekeeping equipment in 2005. We live down a long lane, and thus was born Long Lane Honey Bee Farms.
Beekeeping is our love and passion and livelihood. We enjoy helping others get started in beekeeping.
The first day of spring is only 34 days away!! That means beekeepers must: 
1) Prepare to make splits
2) Prepare to catch swarms
3) Prepare to raise queens for those splits 
4) Purchase extra hives for these splits and swarms 
5) Know the best way to feed in late winter and early spring
Here are some questions beekeepers face in the spring: 
  -How soon to inspect after winter? 
  -How do I feed my bees in the spring? 
  -How do I make a walk-away split?
  -How do I make a split without buying a new queen? 
  -How do I prevent a swarm? 
  -Do I split for more hives or keep my hives as one hive for more 
  -How do I do that? 
  -Will I be able to detect those nasty spring diseases? 
  -How do I equalize my hives that made it through the winter? 
  -Should I replaced my hives that died with packages or nucs? 
  -Is it okay to reuse old frames from hives that died? 
  -How do I inspect my hive in the spring?
We also offer Online Beginner’s CourseQueen RearingSpring Management, Advance Beekeeping and A Day In The Apiary. Take Our Ultimate Course which is all 6 courses and save $85.
Here’s what others are saying about the online classes:
     ”I feel I have learned a lot from your online spring management course!  You have done a great job and I look forward to the queen bee course!”     Yasmin, Canada
     ”I have finished all lessons from your online beginners course.  Really great and have learned a lot….I plan on continuing with some of your other courses.”      Dennis, Georgia
    „Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the Spring Management online class. I’m gonna add the others soon!”   Dan, Missouri 
    „David is so knowledgeable and teaches to my level as a new beekeeper.  He is also very encouraging. Very much appreciated.”  Rick, Illinois

It would be sad for your hives to make it through winter but perish in the spring. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!

Starter Hive With Bees

Last year many new beekeepers didn’t get to start beekeeping because everyone sold out of bees early. This year we are making a new beginner kit available with bees. Our starter/hobby kit is the perfect way to test out if beekeeping is right for  you. Our Hobby KIT is a starter kit. This is the least expensive way to get started.  You will need to add more boxes or additional items to this hive as it grows, but you can purchase this kit to get started without paying for the full hive at one time, so it’s a little easier on the wallet. 

Buy other boxes as you need them. This hive kit comes with a screen bottom board, a deep hive body with 10 wooden frames and foundation, top cover, entrance feeder and entrance reducers, a cloth hat/veil combo, a smoker and and a hive tool.  Boxes are rabbet joint corners and the hive is assembled and painted. This offer is so that new beginners can secure a hive and a 3lb package of bees with a mated queen. We ship the woodenware and equipment free. But the bees can only be picked up at our location this spring. 
Package Bee Information – Please read thoroughly before purchase. Pick up date tentatively 4/27/19.
3 lb package of bees with mated queen. Italian. Limited Quantity.  PICK UP AT OUR TRAINING CENTER IN FAIRMOUNT IL ONLY (we are 25 miles east of Champaign-Urbana, 2 and1/2 hours south of Chicago, 1 and 1/2 hours west of Indianapolis).  We do not ship bees.  
Varroa Destructor Mite Spreads Viruses
Honey bees now suffer from so many viruses that are likely spread when mites bite your honey bees. Some of these viruses do not take their toll on a colony until around February or March. All at once the colony begins to crash with plenty of honey in the comb. It’s sad. Controlling mites must be started in the spring and continue until your last inspection in the fall. Check out my article on how to test for mites. Learn More 
Spring weather can be warm, then cold, nice, then snowy
The rapidly changing weather of spring can leave your bees starving for food. As they start raising more brood in the spring a cold snap may hold them inside. Since they consumed most of their food in the winter they can quickly starve on cold spring days. Make sure you have our Burns Bees Feeding System on your hive this spring. Available for 8 or 10 frames hives. The screen holds the bees down when you change your sugar jars and pollen patties. If you need more ventilation just leave one hole open. On cold days and nights in the spring, the colony clusters high in the hive and is likely not to go down to entrance feeders. This feeder feeds the cluster or the new package or nuc.

Our Story

David began beekeeping in 1994 after hiving a swarm from a fallen tree.  After moving those hives from Ohio to Illinois, the hives were lost due to mites, and the yard had to be started all over again. In the beginning the Burns family just sold honey, but as time went on and the yard became bigger, the Burns family began building their own hives and selling them to other beekeepers.  Knowing that the success of beekeepers was all dependent upon education, David began blogging and uploading videos to YouTube.  In order to make sure beekeepers had the best and latest of scientific information on bees and beekeeping, David took several years to become a Certified Master Beekeeper.  A graduate of Lincoln Christian University, and now a Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society since 2010, workshops on beekeeping are taught all year at the Training Center in Fairmount, IL. He also has a mentorship program, talks throughout the country at beekeeping association meetings, and heard frequently on radio shows and podcasts. He is also a competitive sportsman and competes throughout the US. 


Sheri is a former teacher who joined the business in 2008.  A graduate of Lincoln Christian University with a degree in business management, she does just that – manages the business and customer service and can often be heard on podcasts with David. While she has staff in the office that helps her, she often prefers to talk to customers on the phone herself to make sure they get exactly the help that they need.

In her spare time, Sheri raises and teaches their one child still at home, takes care of chickens and gardens, sings in a community choir, and likes nothing better than to hang out with her grandchildren or read a book.  She dreams of retiring out west in St. George, Utah with David.
Buy your bees and equipment before every one beats you to it. We know you can run off to a big box store to buy your beekeeping supplies, but we are a small, American hard working family that would appreciate your business. Thank you for your support. We support our customers with expert advice, not myths and opinions. Some beekeepers and clubs are private and keep information close to their chest. You’ve probably met beekeepers who will not help you. We are here to help and as you can see throughout our site, videos and podcast, we freely share information that will help you become a better beekeeper. We hope you’ll show your appreciation by purchasing your equipment from us which enables us to stay in business. Thank you.
We have become known for our amazing beekeeping courses and our really fun and highly informative  online beekeeping courses. We introduce thousands of new beekeepers to beekeeping each year through our thorough, yet simple to understand beekeeping lessons which are available online and in person at our training center.
Our videos are helping beekeepers around the world. Our beekeeping videos have passed 3 Million views on YouTube. Check out our videos.

We manufacture all hive components and ship to all 50 states. 
David is a certified Master Beekeeper of the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America.
Beginning beekeepers call us from around the country asking for advice and opinions. It is such a joy for us to see more and more people become involved as beekeepers!
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
14556 N. 1020 East Road
Your Bees May Do Some Strange Things. What Will You Do?
Knowing what to do and when is the tricky part of beekeeping. Let me be your mentor. I have a special mentorship program called BeeTeam6 where you can call, email or text me concerns or questions you are having about your bees. Plus you enjoy receiving my beekeeping tips and instructional beekeeping videos. Even if you are not keeping bees yet, this is perfect to help you gain the education you need before you start. Or if you are starting this year, why not have the extra peace of mind by having someone you can consult. 


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