(Pan) Zbyszek z "Chatki Tomaszka" / The Man Who Lives in the Forest

Shortly before entering Gross Iser, I encounter Mr. Zbyszek, who spends most of the year in a tiny hut/shellter in the middle of Izerian wilderness, over an hour’s walk from the nearest civilization. I meet him taking a swim in a rock-surrounded natural jacuzzi of Lamb Creek (Jagnięcy Potok, Lammerwasser). He suggests I hop in too and I gladly agree, despite earlier plans to swim in the Izera. The water takes some time adjusting to, but once you’re in, the massive energy takes over and you can stay for as long as you want. We take pictures of each other and then have a longish talk at Zbyszek’s place. I even get treated with a cold beer straight from the tiny stream that passes right by the hut. Definitely an Izerian Experience and a meeting with a Person.
If you happen to be visiting Gross Iser (Izerska Łąka, Izerska Hala, Chatka Górzystów), take a moment to visit Mr. Zbyszek. He serves as a kind of self-appointed tourist information and has lots of incredible stories to tell…

Źródło: (Pan) Zbyszek z "Chatki Tomaszka" / The Man Who Lives in the Forest

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