Packages Of Bees Go On Sale In 2 Days!

We are David and Sheri Burns and we operate a small family business in Illinois. Here we are at Christmas with 3 of our 11 grandchildren. Your support is greatly appreciated in a time when most people are no longer supporting small USA family businesses. Happy Holidays!

One way you can support our business is by taking one of our online beekeeping courses. Our two most popular online beekeeping courses are:

Sheri and I get so excited when we see someone has purchased one of these courses because we know they will have a much better chance with their beekeeping endeavors.
We are just a couple of days away from the New Year, 2020!  
Packages go on sale Jan. 1st, 2 Days, and will sell out fast!

Our 3 lb packages with a mated queen received great reviews from our customers last year. Our customers raved over how gentle our packages were and how much honey they produced. Beekeepers drive from many states away to purchase packages from us. This year our packages will go on sale on January 1, in just 2 days and sell out within two weeks. Be ready on January 1 to secure you packages for the 2020 Beekeeping season. Our packages are for pickup only from our location here in Illinois. Use this link on January 1st to order your packages. The link will say „SOLD OUT” But that just means for 2019. On Jan. 1st 2020 that link will change to „Add To Cart”

Our Packages Are Available Now When Purchasing
Our Busy Bee Hive & Package Combo.


I’ll Be Speaking in St. Louis January 18th

I will be speaking along with my good friend and fellow EAS Certified Master 

Beekeeper, Jon Zawislak in St. Louis January 18th. I’m the better looking one on the right. The Three Rivers Beekeepers will be holding a Beekeeping Conference Saturday January 18th. Sign up today, and spend the day with us!

I’ll be giving three presentations: 
Spring Management
Nutrition through the Seasons 
Queen Rearing 

Jon will be giving three presentations: Swarm Biology
Bee Genetics 
Controlling Pests and Diseases. 

I’d love to meet you at this conference in St. Louis. Registration is now open but limited. Come spend the day with us. 

We now provide the additives we use in our Winter-Bee-Kinds. When your winter-bee-kind runs out, we now make it easier to refill.
These additives contain everything needed. DO NOT ADD any additional items to your sugar water or candy once you’ve added these additives.  Add 1 tsp of each vial to 1:1 sugar water and the same for 1 winter-bee-kind refill (4 lbs sugar). 
There is enough to make 5 quarts of 1:1 sugar water and to refill  5 Winter-Bee-Kinds for use in fall and spring sugar water.
Our beekeeping classes for 2020 are set. Sign up today. We offer two types of beekeeping classes, on site at our training center and online.
If you prefer taking a course with EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns at our training center, select one of these courses:
If you prefer online courses taught by David from the comfort of your home, Check out our Online Beekeeping Academy. 
Newbee Kit

Here’s our newest hive kit complete with package of bees. Available Now!

One deep hive body and a honey super with 10 frames and foundation, premium inner cover, metal covered top cover, one entrance reducer, and FREE ENTRANCE FEEDER (although we think you’ll want to switch to the 3 Season Burns Bees feeding system). Great for the beginner to add more boxes to, or as a gift for the hobbyist in your life who wants to get started in beekeeping.
We suggest you add either our Equipment Kit Pack or to consider a smoker, hive tool, and protective gear. 
This kit comes with a 3 lb package of bees.  We can either ship your hive (not the bees) to you now, or you can arrange to pick it up for a discount, then come back in late April to pick up your package of bees.  Many of our customers sign up for a class and pick up all their needed items at the same time.
We are glad you are keeping bees or thinking about it. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.

David and Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

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