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campusAnd on Saturday June 11th, I’ll be teaching a beekeeping course (Community Education course) at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois. For more information on registration, Click on Beekeeping Course Information Here is Heartland’s Contact Info:

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4HBefore our lesson today, let me tell you how much we enjoyed teaching queen rearing at the Arkansas Advance Beekeeping Workshop presented by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. Sheri, little Christian and me enjoyed the beautiful setting.

arkphotoI enjoyed working with Dr. Clarence Collison, Jon Zawislak, Ed Levi, and Yong Park. Topics included: Morphology of the Honey Bee, Honey Bee Bee-haviors Explained, Honey Bee Pheromones, Biology of Bee Breeding: Superorganism Genectics, Small Hive Beetle Management, Diseases of Bee Brood, Diseases of Adult Bees, Package Bee Production, Pollination: Biology & Contracts, Honey Plants, Marketing Your Hive Products and Honey: A Perfect Product. We also had hives set up for field work and more!


I’ve mentioned slatted bottom racks briefly in previous lessons, but I want to dedicate an entire lesson to this mysterious invention. When you look at it, you really aren’t sure what it is, how it works, or even how it fits on the hive. Just what is it good for?

slatted rack

We make these here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, and we cannot keep them in stock. They are challenging to build with 15 different pieces.

slatted rack2If you look at it carefully, you’ll notice that on one side the slates are very close to top and if you flip it over there is a larger opening underneath.

So let’s find out what all the talk is about regarding slatted racks.

It fits on the top of a bottom board just below the bottom deep hive body. Carl Killion used a similar idea to allow space for bees and extra ventilation. C. C. Miller believed in the idea but he simply made 2” bottom boards but found that the bees would build comb on the bottom of the frames to fill the extra space provided. But with a false bottom (the slatted rack), the bees are tricked not to build comb.

People are always confused which way to place these on the hive because on one side the slats are close to the top and the other side they are a over an inch away. Place it on the hive with the slats as close as possible to the frames.

The slatted bottom rack is also thought to help reduce swarming by giving extra space for bees to hang out. Those who use the racks really believe in them, and use them on all their hive. Perhaps you should try one and test it for yourself to see if there is any difference.

Some claim that since the rack keeps the end of the frame 2 inches from the opening that the queen will lay to the bottom of the deep frames.

Click here to order a 10 Frame Slatted Rack.

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Until next time….

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Źródło: LESSON 104: Slatted Bottom Racks (217-427-2678 www.honeybeesoline.com)

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  • LESSON 104: Slatted Bottom Racks (217-427-2678 www.honeybeesoline.com)
  • LESSON 104: Slatted Bottom Racks (217-427-2678 www.honeybeesoline.com)
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