Just How Much Honey Can You Harvest From Your Hive?


Just How Much Honey Can You Take From Your Hive?
Hello From Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend. Bees are bringing in lots of nectar and have started to cap over off lots of honey.
It’s fun to harvest honey from a hive, but just how much do we need to leave on for the bees? In today’s video we’ll open and inspect a hive to see just how much honey, pollen and bee bread they have in store. I think you’ll be shocked on what grade I’m going to give this hive for having stored resources. Will I give it an A+ or an F?
I’ll be using my Inspection Guide to help me assess the hive’s overall resource health.
We will also mark a forager and see how long she stays out on a foraging flight.
I’ve worked hard on this inspection guide and you will not be disappointed. This guide will walk you through how to collect the information you need to
make a wise decision for your next step.
So purchase the Inspection Guide and then watch my new video so you can inspect your hive to determine if they have enough resources.

In the video below, learn to inspect like a beast!

Now that you are a beekeeper you may be faced with many questions. It’s never too late to take one of our ONLINE beekeeping courses.

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