Happy President’s Day – 50% Off Online Courses

Until Midnight Tonight, Save 50% off all Online Beekeeping Courses
We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, (www.honeybeesonline.com) located in Fairmount, Illinois. For today only we are offering an unbelievable savings of 50% off on our Online Courses. Take advantage of this saving as our way of helping you to become well educated and knowledgeable before you begin enjoying your bees soon.
Ultimate Beekeeping Course 50% Off
Includes: Basic Beekeeping Course, Spring Management Course, Getting Your Bees Through The Winter Course, Advance Beekeeping Course & How To Start Raising Your Own Queens Course.
Regularly $269 Now $134.50 until Midnight
* * * * Click here to order now! * * * *
Other Courses 50% Off:
Click On The Course To Order
Spring Management Course $29.50
Basic Beekeeping Course $29.50
A Day In The Apiary $19.50
How To Raise Queens $34.50
Advanced Beekeeping $29.50
Getting Your Bees Through The Winter $29.50

If you’ve ever called our office you’ve more than likely talked to Sheri. Sheri is being featured on WCIA, a local channel, this Tuesday for her amazing accomplishments in her life. Sheri has spend most of her life enjoying raising our six children and now enjoying our 11 grandchildren. Before becoming a beekeeper and owning a beekeeping company Sheri worked as an educator. Sheri and I have been working this winter on our new beekeeping book that we are co-authoring together. We are so fortunate to have her overseeing our business. She adds so much and more recently she took it upon herself to develop new products for our customers. I encourage you to lend some support to Sheri’s new items shown below and try them out:

All of us as beekeepers love to display our enjoyment with our hobby. Why not enjoy a warm drink in the winter with this beautiful tea or coffee cup showing bees at work. It’s embossed with bees and honeycomb and adds rustic charm. Makes a nice gift for yourself or someone else. Order Now
Every cook needs a good wooden spoon but do you have one with displaying a bee and comb? Use it to whip up a batch of your favorite honey recipes. Wonderful gift. Includes shipping. Order Now
Beeswax Wraps for you do-it-yourselfers! Beeswax wraps are a good, recyclable product in place of plastic. It molds to containers or food by the warmth of your hands. Use it on jars, containers, or food (except meat and processed foods.) Can last one year.
Included are the instructions, waxing bars (beeswax, jojoba oil, pine resin), stirring stick, 3 squares of 100% cotton fabric of various colors and styles (or use your own favorite!). You supply the oven, baking sheets and brush. Fun project for do-it-yourselfers to preserve your food. Washing and care instructions also included.
One of my favorite tasting honey is spun honey. Sheri has her unique way to bring an awesome smoothness to this spun honey from our hives here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Great in coffee, on toast or just when you want to sneak a teaspoon for an energy boost. Order Now

Beeswax wraps. Ingredients include beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil and tree resin. Use to wrap food and bowls (not recommended for meat). Seal by using the heat of your hands. Sustainable, reusable, washable (don’t use it in the dishwasher, microwave or oven! Order Now

Join David For His Next Two Courses At His Training Center:
Basic Beekeeping March 7th 1pm-6pm, only a few spots open. Register Today!
Spring Management April 4th 1pm-5pm
A Hive + Bees + Equipment + Fee Class
Look no further!! We will ship the hives and equipment now, then you come to pick up bees 4/25/20 (date can change so flexibility is required)
This is a new product, a Total Package!! Everything you need to get started in beekeeping today. Package includes:
1 Newbee Start Up Beehive (1 deep with 10 frames and foundation.
1 honey super with 10 frames and foundations.
1 premier inner cover
1 telescoping top cover
1 screen bottom board with entrance reducer) *Made In America by Illinois craftsmen *Top of the line quality * Completely Assembled * Painted and sealed twice *Ready to go right out of the box
             1 – 3 lb package of bees with queen (must be picked up ONLY on 4/25/20 at our Training Center in Fairmount IL. You will receive more info on bees.) AND A FREE CLASS!
            Order now and you will receive our Beginners Online Course, taught by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns (no substitutions, sorry). You can watch anytime and as often as you want. Provide valid email and check for video email. PLUS
             1 Smoker
             1 Hat with Veil
             1 entrance feeder with holed cap
             1 hive tool
             Priceless: All year customer service

Here’s our newest hive kit with package of bees! (BEES ARE PICK UP AT OUR CENTER IN FAIRMOUNT IL) One deep hive with 10 frames and foundation, 1 med super with 10 frames and foundations, premium inner cover, metal covered top cover, one entrance reducer, and FREE ENTRANCE FEEDER (although we think you’ll want to switch to the 3 Season Burns Bees feeding system). Foundation colors vary.Great for the beginner to add more boxes to, or as a gift for the hobbyist in your life who wants to get started in beekeeping. Click Here To Order Now!

Nucs & Packages
We still have several packages available when purchased with our hive kits such as the one above. However, we are sold out of just single individual packages. We do have a few 5 frame Nucs available. Click here for more info on our locally raised 5 frame Nucs.

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