Don’t Let The Complexity Of Beekeeping Overwhelm You


Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns.

Beekeeping does not have to be so overwhelming. Let’s face it, after going through 2020 we’ve been overwhelmed enough. Beekeeping should be a relaxing hobby, something to get our mind off of all the crazy stuff that’s happening around us. There are so many different opinions about which hive to start with, how to treat for mites, how to harvest honey, how to overwinter your hive and on and on it goes.
The saying goes, „Ask 9 beekeepers a question and you’ll get 10 answers”. Google and YouTube are filled with tons of content of beekeepers giving their take on it, making it even more confusing for the new beginner.
You can spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure beekeeping out. Certainly trying to learn all you can is a great idea but you can receive so much contrasting information which can cause you to go down the wrong path if you are not careful.
We’ve spent the last decade and a half helping new beginners get started in beekeeping. The simplest way is to start with a starter hive and a package of bees and you’re off to the races. Do not expect to learn everything before you start. Just learn enough to start by taking our Online Basic Beekeeping Course. Here’s a summary of how to start in Beekeeping in 2021 in 4 simple steps:
1. Take our Online Basic Beginner’s Course….click here
2. Purchase our Starter Hive Kit…click here
3. Pick up your package of bees and mated queen at the end of April.
4. Sign up for our beekeeping mentorship/coaching program and enjoy having our EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns, at your finger tips when you are totally lost as to what to do next.
Our starter kit is a great way to get you going. Here’s what’s included, for those of you who love details:
Our Quarantine Hobby Hive takes all the stress out of getting started in beekeeping providing you with a completely assembled and painted starter hive, and a 3 pound package of bees with a mated queen (hives are shipped, you pick up bees in spring).

The hive is shipped soon after you place your order, but the bees must be picked up at our farm in central Illinois in late April. (see below for more info). This hive comes with: 1 bottom board, one deep hive body containing 10 wooden frames with foundation, beeswax coated, one inner cover, one telescoping top cover with metal covering (metal type varies) and a front entrance reducer. Foundations color varies.  You may need additional equipment. You can either choose individual items (we suggest a smoker, hat with veil and hive tool) and more deeps and supers as your hive expands in the summer. 
**This kit also comes with an autographed copy of The Book: Backyard Beekeeping, Everything You Need To Know to Start Your First Hive, by David & Sheri Burns**!!
Package Bee Information – Please read thoroughly before purchase. 
3 lb package of bees with mated queen. Italian. Limited Quantity. PICK UP AT OUR TRAINING CENTER IN FAIRMOUNT IL ONLY (we are 25 miles east of Champaign-Urbana, 2 and1/2 hours south of Chicago, 1 and 1/2 hours west of Indianapolis). We do not ship bees. Pick up tentatively 4/24/21
Keep winter-bee-kinds on your hives until spring. Your bees are enjoying them. Don’t stop feeding now. We still have a few available but we are almost sold out for the season until next winter.
Watch our new beekeeping video below about how you can keep your bees strong during the last few weeks of winter.

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