County may relax beekeeping rules

County may relax beekeeping rules:

TAMPA – Andrew Wolf began beekeeping three years ago.
„I kind
of want to do a little bit more to provide for myself in a tangible way,
and beekeeping is one of those things that really enables you to
provide for yourself in many different ways,” he said.
He makes his own honey, beeswax candles and pollen protein for himself and for profit.
„Also bees are just really interesting creatures,” he said.
is part of a growing population interested in beekeeping. In fact, the
Hillsborough County Commission is considering relaxing agricultural
zoning rules to allow beekeeping in your backyard with hives as close as
ten feet from your property line.

It’s a freedom for beekeepers
to enjoy on their own property, but there’s an argument that bringing
thousands of bees around infringes on your neighbor’s freedom.
That debate may change beekeeping regulations in Hillsborough County.
causes me to pause and wonder, ‘how safe is this?’ Is there a potential
for a public hazard here?” asked Commissioner Victor Crist.
He knows firsthand of how threatening seemingly harmless honey bees can be to those who are allergic.
mother would never go anywhere where a bee was visible and if we saw a
bee in the garden or pool area we would put her on notice,” he said.
Adding hives to residential areas will bring bees around. They can travel up to two miles to pollinate.
says he’s never had complaints from neighbors near his property. The
right to enjoy your own property is the heart of this bee debate.
person’s quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their property may become a
neighbor’s nightmare and as a commissioner we’ve got to figure out what
is the fair thing to do here,” Crist said.
The Hillsborough
County Board of Commissioners is expected to hold a public hearing and
vote on the beekeeping regulation within the next two weeks.

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