Bees are all the buzz

 A meeting room at Everything Natural was buzzing as approximately one dozen folks with a sweet common thread met to learn more about Lackawanna Backyard Beekeepers, a local group organized by Ellen Kiballa McGlynn of Waverly and Jim Davis of Clarks Green.
Ellen Kiballa McGlynn gives a demonstration of beekeeping equipment at Everything Natural.
Abington Journal Photo/Joan Mead Matsui

Among the crowd was a gardener with a large plot of land willing to lend some space on her property for some hives, people with beekeeping experience and “wannabe” apiarists looking to get started in beekeeping.

McGlynn and Davis hope to provide opportunities for discussion and camaraderie among beekeepers and “friends of the honeybee” closer to home in the Abingtons. Currently, the closest organized beekeeping groups are located in Susquehanna and Wayne Counties.
“A beekeeping group is always a great place to begin, and we were happy to be available to them,” said McGlynn. “Most people stated that their reasons for wanting to attend our meetings were to learn how to set up a hive and gain knowledge.”
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