Are You Nervous About What To Do Next?

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and One year ago I started my beekeeping mentorship program known as BeeTeam6. Over the last year I have produced weekly video tips and a weekly newsletter that has gone out to BeeTeam6 members around the country. I have given assistance to beekeepers by phone, email and text. It’s been so much fun for me and so helpful to the membership. I’ve decided to open it up to 25 more subscribers. 

Knowing what to do and when is the tricky part of beekeeping. Beekeepers are nervous until they gain sufficient skill and knowledge. Meanwhile, the beginner can make some tragic mistakes. This mentorship program provides you access to ask me questions by calling, emailing me or sending me a text. Once you join you’ll receive my personal cell phone number and email. Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a certified master beekeeper just a phone call away to help you make a decision on what to do next?  Plus you receive a weekly tip and a weekly instructional beekeeping video. Even if you are not keeping bees yet, you can gain the helpful education you need before you start. Or if you are a new beekeeper this year, why not have the extra peace of mind of having someone you can consult. I will only be taking 25 new members. There is just too much information online about beekeeping. Stay with one reliable source.
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If you started with a new package or a nuc this year keep feeding if they are still drawing out the wax on undrawn foundation.
Burns Bees Feeding System
If you have an overwintered hive that’s doing great and you live in a nectar rich area, there is no need to feed your bees. Here in Illinois our bees will begin to go hungry in the middle of August. We have to feed our bees for good winter survival starting in three months. Here’s the feeder I invented and really use a lot. I place it on top of the top box on a newly installed package, nuc or split. This feeder is my answer to getting my bees through the winter. I use it to heavily feed my bees in August, September and October.  It is very easy to fill because screens cover the holes which holds the bees down while you change your jars and add pollen patties.

A Captured Swarm May Leave Again
These tips may help:
1. Use drawn out foundation if available.
2. Feed from the top.
3. Move over a frame of open brood if available.
4. Reduce the entrance.
Remember, a swarm is attempting to move to a new nesting site and they may already have that location chosen. That’s why swarms often leave again.
We Hope To Have Queens Available Soon
I’ll be raising more queens this year. I am hoping to have queens available early June. I will be posting availability on my website: so monitor that site.

We DO NOT take names for a waiting list. I simply placed available queens online for purchase as they become available. Thanks!

We Have Upcoming Classes Just For YOU!
We have been teaching classes all year and we have speciality classes with openings still coming up.

A Day In The Apiary With David. May 27th, 8:30-11:00 central time. This class is held almost exclusively in the bee yard with an emphasis on inspections, being able to identify the queen/drone/workers and the ability to identify problems, diseases and pests in the hive. Participants must wear appropriate protective clothing in the yard. Even if you are superman, you are required to wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and hat with veil (or beekeeping jacket/suit). We have 3 openings, so click here to sign up.

Additional Upcoming Classes For 2017

This class fills up fast and leaves people disappointed that we only offer one. Sign up now to learn tips on getting your bees through the winter. 
Even if you started keeping bees this year but didn’t have time to take a class, now is your chance. Or maybe you are going to start keeping bees next spring. This class is perfect for you.

FREE SPECIALTY CLASS! Starting Your Own Bee Business. Sun. June 11, 2017 (1 – 3 pm) 
Thinking about starting your own business? Join Sheri Burns as we discuss the different kinds of bee businesses started, along with a short discussion on information all small businesses need to know. We’ll touch on pros and cons of different kinds of honey and bee businesses and help you think about mission statements and business plans.  This class is from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  Please seek the advice of your own legal counsel when starting your own business. Registration is required, seating is limited.  Adults only please. 

FREE SPECIALTY CLASS!! All You Ever Wanted to Know About Honey Workshop Oct 21, 2017 (1pm – 3pm) 
Here is a class for you honey enthusiasts! Join Sheri Burns as she talks about honey — how bees get it, how they pollinate, what types of flowers do they pollinate? Why is some honey light while other honey is dark? Learn about what’s in honey and how it’s beneficial to people (do YOU know where those beneficial enzymes come from?).  Watch an extraction demonstration and see how it’s stored. Learn how to cook and bake with honey. And did you know there are other medicinal uses for honey? Registration is required.  Seating is limited.  This class will take place this year on Sat., Oct 29 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Not just for beekeepers but for anyone who enjoys honey (age 12 and up).

 Available Resources

If you are new to us, we have a ton of available resources and products. We make our living from wonderful customers like you. We know you can purchase your beekeeping equipment elsewhere but when you purchase from us it affords us the opportunity to continue providing videos, lessons, and more. So thank you for your business. Visit us at:

David and Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

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