5 Tips On Mowing Around Your Hive & How To Fix A Hive After You Knock It Over With Your Mower


Time To Mow Around Your Hive…

It doesn’t take long before the grass and weeds grow up around your beautiful hive, making your bee yard look unkept and a mess. How do you mow and trim around the hive without getting stung a million times by your bees?
Is it true that bees do not have ears? It is true. Bees do not have ears on the side of their heads like humans. But, they do have a Johnston’s organ in their antenna and subgenual’s in their legs which are better than ears. These organs pick up sound waves in the form of vibrations.
Mowers and weed eaters are very loud to bees and they interpret the noise as a threat to their hive. If you get too close and are not suited up…OUCH!! OUCH!! and more OUCHES!!
I have 5 Tips for making mowing around your hives easier and hopefully minimize being stung. Watch my short video on how to mow around your hive.

While we are tidying up the bee yard, let’s paint some hives. How in the world can we paint our hives when they are full of bees? In the video below, I’ll share 2 ways that will make it so easy for you. See the video below.

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